Shut up!

shutupHave you ever had to be around a person who’s always nagging or trying to get you irritable, and you wanted to slap or tell them to shut up? Yes, we’ve all been there before, especially with people who say, “I love you”. Some of us may have a difficult spouse who’s always trying to get us upset and steal our joy. Don’t allow someone to get you so upset that you both are acting like fools. When this happens, you need to shut up and be still. I know it’s a difficult decision to stop responding to degrading and hurtful comments, but when you don’t respond, God is working on your behalf. You just have to stand and watch the salvation of The Lord.

I remember when my husband and I were arguing, I was going off just like him. We both argued back and forth like kids, being silly. Later that day, I went into prayer, and God told me, “Next time he tries to argue with you, Shut up”! I said, What? Why me and not him? The Lord told me he would get his attention, and He wanted me to become mature and stop allowing Satan to win. Satan wanted us to stay mad at each other, call each other out of our names, and avoid speaking to each other for the entire week. Despite the confusion, God wanted to get the victory. I know many of you are saying, it’s difficult to keep your mouth shut, but you need to train yourself to shut up. Even if you have to start laughing, just so you don’t say anything back. That mouth of yours will always get you in trouble. I know firsthand.

queen maker

However, if you notice that your spouse is always upset and angry, there may be an unclean spirit behind the scene.  In that case, you should look past your husband and cast out those spirits. We must continually clean our houses of any corrupt spirits. Most of the time, our spouses don’t have a clue why they say or do things to hurt us. In order to get the victory, you need to be humble. That means being still and quiet. God resists the proud but shows favor to the humble. We, as women, have to learn to fight evil with good, learning not to allow resentfulness or bitterness to stay in our hearts. When you’re pleasant, sweet, and lovable those spirits tend to clean the atmosphere. Your character, personality, and actions can change your husband’s behavior. Let your sweetness turn to pearls, and wrap your love around him. I know it’s easier said than done, but we are conquerors. We can do it! Stop saying what you can’t or won’t do, and start saying what you can do. Power is in the words that you speak.

In the meantime, don’t allow your friends, family members, or reality shows tell you,that you’re weak, stupid, fearful, or afraid to submit to your husband. Whether your husband is right or wrong, you still submit and allow God to deal with him as you pray for him. It’s humility and prayer that will eventually change your spouse, but first God will change you. Don’t hold up the progress. Allow God to mold and shape you into the wife/woman He wants you to become. Once all this has taken place, you will see a change in your marriage. Just remember to Shut up.

being quiet

Much Love Always,

A. Woods

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2 thoughts on “Shut up!

  1. Hi, so great to see you have a website. I am looking for A book to come out soon.Lol Keep up the great work you are doing for the Lord.

    From your sister in Christ
    woomc member

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