Waiting on God

WaitingOnGod_WWWAre you really waiting on the Lord or did you decide to do it your way? Some may say, how much longer am I suppose to wait? What are you waiting for the Lord to do in your life? Sometimes, the waiting process seems extremely long. It feels as if God has forgotten about you, but that’s not true. As for most, the mind is racing, heart pumping more rapid than normal; all of sudden anxiety and fear take control and you begin to panic or being impatience. What happened to trusting God and keeping the faith? Do you have a problem with trusting God? Do you believe God has your best interest at heart? Have you ever trusted God in any situation?

We tend to think it should happen on our time when we want it. What happens when it doesn’t happen on your time? We get angry at God, calling Him a liar saying, “His word is not true”. We stop going to church and sometimes we tend to get depressed. Why? Have you ever known God to do whatever we asked of him? No! If it doesn’t line up with the Word of God it will not come to pass. Also, God knows the perfect timing to deliver the things we need. Even when you don’t see anything, it’s best to just stand on His Word and wait. He is faithful that promise…God is not like man and He shall not lie. If He spoke it the manifestation will happen. The Lord says, “Wait, I say”! Be of good courage! Wait! Don’t give up because your desire has not come yet, just endure the waiting process. Don’t quit on God, He will never quit on you. Patience my child, learn patience. Endure patience! Stop being in a rush for everything you have been praying for because most of the time we’re not ready to receive the blessings that God is going to give us. You are sarcastic towards your manager, but you want God to bless you with a promotion-Oh really! You are still living with Billy Bob, but praying that God send your husband-Oh really! You don’t even take care of cleaning your house, but you are asking God for a bigger home-Oh really! You praying that God will enlarge your territory, but you are at the Casino gambling and not being a great steward of what He has given you-Oh really!

God does not “Bless Mess”! You need to be pruned before the blessing arrives and become mature in areas of your life. Why wait and then destroy what God has given you? Patience endures self-control and we all need to have self-control in every area of our lives. Also, stop speaking negative words over your life or your situation and learn to tame your tongue. Stop worrying about other people and becoming jealous and envious about what God is doing in their lives, you may not know what some people had to endure to get where they are in life right now. Just because it’s a delay, doesn’t mean denial. The Lord says, “I come to give you great success, hope, and a future, not to curse you. Blessing belongs to the children of God and He is your resource and not your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, or even your spouse. Yes, your spouse is supposed to provide for you, but what if he refuses to provide for you? Guess what? You will have to depend on the Lord and pray that God touches your husband’s heart. With that being said, you still have to depend on God no matter what the circumstances are in your life.

The Lord says, “Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. Do you know what belongs to you? Do you know your benefits package from the Word of God? If so, do you believe it or is it just religion? You can quote the scripture, but don’t believe it and that’s why it hasn’t manifested in your life. You need to enlighten your soul with the Word of God and let it minister to your spirit. When Jesus is first in your life, nothing else matters. You don’t have to worry about the blessing….Blessings will start to chase you. The Lord says, “He will keep us in perfect peace as our minds stay on Him”. Feel and enjoy his peace as you endure the waiting process. As you’re waiting find out what God wants you to do and discover your purpose and destiny. We were created to worship and praise the Lord. We all have assignment to fulfill on this earth, so let’s not waste anymore time. Find your “true identity” in Him. Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open. If you are earnestly trying to find Jesus, just keep seeking after Him and He will manifest Himself to you.

My Queens….dry your tears and rejoice because the Kings of Kings, Prince of Peace loves you so much. Correction is good for the soul and any parent that loves their child will correct his/her when they are not doing what’s right. That’s how our Father in Heaven is; He corrects His children out of love and shows you the correct way and how to respond when trouble arises in your life. Just remember you’re an amazing, beautiful, awesome, loving, unique, masterpiece, intelligent, and friendly and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do. It’s not too late to finish school or get married. You may have been married 5 times, but this time God will send you a mate that will last until death. God says, “Trust me and lean not to your own understanding, but acknowledge me in all thy ways and I will direct your path”. Listen, God can do the impossible, it doesn’t matter what the doctor has said about your situation just keep speaking the Word of God over your life. You can have that baby and stop listening to people talking about how old you are about having a baby…. Guess what Sarah in the Word of God was 100 years old and she gave birth to a baby boy. We don’t want to be that old…LOL… just to let you know everything is in God timing and not yours. You can predict the future with your words but, you cannot orchestrate how, when, and where it will take place.

God loves you my sisters and He will redeem the time just for you if only you will trust Him with your life. His mercy is new everyday! As you take your mind off the things you desire and place it on what God wants you to do, and seek his face,  God will be working on your situations. God has a blessing for each one of you and it’s worth the wait.

wait on God

As always my Queens…Jesus loves you and so do I!
Keep the Faith alive and much love!

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