Inspirational Thursday, March 31st

Good Morning Beloved! It’s time to be restored with God goodness. Pouring into people lives can drained and leave you empty. You always helping other but who is helping you. Always praying/fasting for others but who is praying/fasting for you. Who’s pouring encouragement in your life? There are times you want to vent and share your thoughts with someone beside the Lord Jesus Christ but … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, March 31st

Alcohol Addiction

Many Americans suffer from addiction of sort in their lives.  There are several reasons why, but I will only name a few.  During bereavement, people tend to drink away the pain, sometimes if a person is going through a horrific divorce, rape, molested at an early age, depression, and etc. People are not aware of generational curses, which maybe the reason why you’re drinking or … Continue reading Alcohol Addiction