Inspirational Wednesday, April 27th

Good Morning Beloved! Why walk around in pain, knowing you have the power to speak healing over yourself and others. It’s imperative you choose your words wisely when speaking over yourself. Who report are you going to believe, doctor or God? Believe by faith that you’re already healed in Jesus Name. God Word is like medicine, speak it three times a day. Be healed in … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, April 27th

Inspirational Tuesday, April 26th

Good Morning Beloved! Look back at your past and smile. The past barriers has been broken and your life has shift into a new direction. What you have encountered in your past you will not encounter in your future. Stop looking back and move forward in the greatness of God. Mighty and great things are about to happen in your life. “No, dear brothers,  I … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, April 26th

Inspirational Monday, April 25th

Good Morning Beloved! Nothing can stop you now! You have the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to gain wealth to accomplish your goals. Look for opportunities of doors to open for you. What might seem like a setback is really a come back. Always watch and pray. Blessings are being release into the atmosphere. Received what God has for you. “But you shall remember the LORD … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, April 25th

Inspirational Friday, April 22nd

Good Morning Beloved! Stand for something or else fall for anything. Why invest in someone that doesn’t believe in themselves? You hold the key to success in your hands. Before you were even thought of, God knew how successful you’d become in life. Talents are waiting to be activated. Stop procrastinating and dive into your destiny. “For I know the plans I have for you,” … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, April 22nd

Inspirational Thursday, April 21st

Good Morning Beloved! Fear is another tactics to cause anxiety to creep inside of you. Fear will cause you to place your life on hold. Fear will even talk you out of your blessings. Fear will cause you to make uncertain decisions, which will leave you disappointed. Stop living in fear and speak the Word of God over your life. “So do not fear, for … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, April 21st

Inspirational Wednesday, April 20th

Good Morning Beloved! Stop comparing your success with others. What might work for them doesn’t work for you and vice versa. You can’t expect to prosper if you’re speaking failure over someone else life and your own life too. Keep your mind focus on your goals and be obedient to voice of God. Choose your words wisely before speaking out. “Death and life are in … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, April 20th

Inspirational Tuesday, April 19th

Good Morning Beloved! Pay attention to your surrounding. Who do you need to eliminate from your circle? Stop allowing people to drain your energy. Learn to embrace new friendships/relationship that enter into your life. This is your season of “Abundance”. As you shift your thoughts, your life will shift right into place. “So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, April 19th

Inspirational Monday, April 18th

Good Morning Beloved! Sometimes an explosion happen to keep you off focus of what God has for you. The enemy will continue to throw fiery darts until it’s completely over. Stand your ground and do not speak negative about the situation. Remember, it’s almost over and nothing can stop you. Stop looking backwards and follow your dreams. Stay positive! God is with you always. “The … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, April 18th