Inspirational Tuesday, May 24th

Good Morning! Abraham, Moses, Jacob, and Job were blessed beyond measures. All these men appears to be blessed and highly favor. They all went through a tragedy or a shift that took away everything they own. This is not the time to worry or become stressful because these men have experience what you’re going through now. You will now experience a new level of faith and a new level of completely/wholly dependency on the Lord. This very moment things appear to be dark and without hope, but remember in the dark that’s where God is shifting things in your favor. Your naked eye cannot see the blessing and glory that is to come does not mean your God has forsaken you. Do not forget it is written, He is the Lord Almighty and He is not a man He shall lie, but everything He declares shall manifest. Now rise up from your sorrow and look ahead toward the light. Be encouraged!

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