Inspirational Tuesday, June 28th

Good Morning Beloved! It’s easy to quit and throw in the towel but why? You have gone to far now to give up. Have you heard that sometimes attacks happen before the blessings and after the blessing. It’s almost over if you will stand your ground. Much more is waiting for you on the other side. Don’t quit! Don’t get discourage but wait patiently on … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, June 28th

Inspirational Thursday, June 23rd

Good Morning Beloved! How can you expected God to blessed your business and you’re not a giver? You focus only on yourself and not others. When you sleep, you think about money, wake up money is on your mind. How can you serve two masters? Yes, you need money in this World but it shouldn’t consume your thoughts. What about helping someone that’s in need? … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, June 23rd

Inspirational Friday, June 17th

Good Morning Beloved! Stop trying to fight in the natural but learn to fight in the supernatural. This war is not against flesh and blood. When a person does you wrong, do not pay back evil with evil. Always blessed your enemies with kindness. Many of you consider that being weak but it’s not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of maturity in the … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, June 17th

Inspirational Tuesday, June 14th

Good Morning Beloved! God will keep you in prefect peace if you keep your mind stayed on Him. Stop stressing and worrying about the situation. Stop living your life in fear and command boldness. Remember, God doesn’t give a task that you can’t handle. You are equipped to whatever comes your way. This is a new season of blessing, refuse to give up or quit. … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, June 14th

Inspirational Friday, June 10th

Good Morning Beloved! No limits! Take yourself out the box and stop putting limits on God. You don’t know what God has for you but your unbelief will stop God doing awesome and amazing things in your life. Open yourself and received what He has for you. Stop saying, “It’s too much”, “Look at the price”, or “I don’t deserve it”. Our God own all … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, June 10th

Inspirational Wednesday, June 8th

Good Morning Beloved! It’s strange how when you’re down and out you’re consistently in prayer and believing God to open doors for you. As soon as He open up doors, you begin to praise and give thanks to everyone else beside the one person that allow the doors to open in the first place. The reason your life is topsy-turvy is because you can’t seem … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, June 8th

Inspirational Tuesday, June 7th

Good Morning Beloved! Expect the unexpected! You’re anticipating the same blessing over and over again and waiting on God to bring you out the same way. This season is totally different than before and you’re about to enter into “Greater”. Expect unprecedented favor from God. People all around will know only your God, the Lord Jesus Christ did this in your favor. Keep smiling because … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, June 7th

Inspirational Monday, June 6th

Good Morning Beloved! Season of restoration! We have launched into a new season of blessings. The Lord is not the author of confusion. He will lead you from those dead friendships/relationship into destiny/purpose friendship/relationship. There is no need to boardcast where God is taking you. Let those who have eyes to see the manifestation. Stay Focus! People tried to count you out but God. The … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, June 6th