Inspirational Thursday, August 18th

Good Morning Ladies! Some of you ladies are unable to get a man because you are used to a “married man”, knowing or unknowingly. When a “single man” approaches you, it start off pretty good but you’re not interested because you find yourself still wanting a “married man”. You need to break the soul ties from these men you have encounter with in your past or present. 1. Repent 2. Pray and decree your soul be release from them and send them part of their soul back to them.
3. Bind up the spirit of lust and seduction.
4. Break curses on your life that’s drawing you to a married man.
5. Spend time in prayer.

Christian Women this goes to you too. Also, please note God will “NOT” send you a “PERFECT” man. Stop thinking he is going to be perfect. You are not perfect. In any situation, God gets the Glory! What does that mean, God will give you what you need and a few wants, but everything else you requested for in a man comes through prayer. He is God Almighty and He will always get the Glory. That being said, stop pushing guys away. Enjoy conversation. You might just be pushing away your husband. Regardless if you’re in the supernatural or not, this goes to you too. There was only one perfect person and His name is Jesus.

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