Inspirational Friday, September 30th

Good Morning! You are responsible for your own happiness. Why do you allow people to dictate your day? People who have a haunted nature will soon disappear. In this life you will always be around wicked people. Learn how to ignore their foolishness. People will always disappointed you, but God will never failed you. Take time today to live, laugh, and love. Laugh at the … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, September 30th

Inspirational Thursday, September 29th

Good Morning! Stop complaining and grumbling about your spouse, children, church, friends, job,or even family members. Complaining is a habit-forming and can be self-destructive. Repent of all your complaining and start celebrating. The more you complain about your situation the more you will become frustrated. If you will thank God and praise Him in advance I believe your mindset will change. It won’t make God … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, September 29th

Inspirational Wednesday, September 28th

Good Morning! Stop being double minded in your thinking and decisions concerning your life. One day you talk faith and the next day you talk doubt. Do you trust God or you don’t? You have to believe in your heart everything God promise you will manifest. Change your thinking and start believing. Whether it been a month or several years keep standing on the promises … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, September 28th

Inspirational Tuesday, September 27th

Good Morning! Showing compassion/gentleness is one of the fruit of the spirit. You should always demonstrate/show compassion/gentleness to people. Stop trying to pre-judge people based off what you think or how you feel. You do not know what’s in a person heart but God. He knows the heart of every man/woman. If you’re going to correct someone do it out of love. “But the fruit … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, September 27th

Inspirational Monday, September 26th

Good Morning! Keep smiling through the pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, failures, and mistakes. Trouble/ Trials don’t last always. Take your mind off the problem and focus on the “Problem Solver”. God is bigger than your situation. Greater than your circumstances. He is almighty God. He cares about you, so give Him your trouble and keep smiling. ☺ ☺ “Give all your worries and cares to … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, September 26th

Inspirational Thursday, September 22nd

Good Morning! Embrace the new friendship/relationship God allow you to enter this year. Focus more on your future then trying to remember your past. Forgive those in your past and move forward. I know it’s easy said, but you can do it. If God has blessed you with a wonderful man/woman don’t take him/her for granted. Stop comparing them to your past. Let it go … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, September 22nd

Inspirational Wednesday, September 21st

Good Morning! Most of the time we try to plan our lives. We know what career we want to pursue, what age we want to become married, and how many kids we want. We also plan where we’re going to live, what college our kids will attend, but how many people know that God will interrupt our plans. He is Sovereign and His ways are … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, September 21st

Inspirational Monday, September 19th

Good Morning! What are you feeding your spirit? You consume over 3 hours of TV watching your favorite shows. You listen to unnecessary music everyday, you play video games half of the day with the kids, and you read horror books. Are any of these things edifying your spirit? You don’t have a strong prayer life with God because you don’t spend time with him. … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, September 19th