Inspirational Monday, October 31st

Good Morning! Season is changing and breakthrough is being release. Keep your faith during this critical time. It’s imperative you stay focus. It could be any day now for a lot of people who have been waiting with expectations. Continue to praise God even when you received breakthrough and stay humble. Those disappointments about to turn into Joyous moments. It might have took months or … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, October 31st

Inspirational Friday, October 28th

Good Morning! Learn to trust God in everything you do. Listen, it doesn’t make sense for you and your spouse arguing about the kids, the job transfer, finances, or etc. If you give it to God and stop worrying about it things will fall into place. You can’t handle everything by yourself without the help of the Lord. That’s why you’re stress out and frustrated … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, October 28th

Inspirational Thursday, October 27th

Good Morning! As we praise the Lord, let’s take time today and Worship God. Let those who love the Lord worship Him and give Him glory. Worship will cause the atmosphere to change. It will cause a shift in the spirit. It will get God attention. Whether you’re on the job, at home, driving, or whatever you’re doing stop and worship Him. You maybe sick … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, October 27th

Inspirational Wednesday, October 26th

Good Morning! It’s time you take care of yourself. There is nothing wrong for caring for others but who is caring for you? Who praying for you? Who’s checking on you? You do not deprived your health to take care of someone else. It’s okay to say, No. It’s okay to say, I’m not available to assist you this week. It’s okay to say, I … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, October 26th

Inspirational Tuesday, October 25th

Good Morning! You are not responsible for how others react/respond to you. You are in control of your own actions. Whether you decided to received constructive criticism or get offensive that’s your choice. You are not responsible to make others happy. They are responsible for their own happiness. Stop trying to please man but learn to please God. You using all your energy to fit … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, October 25th

Inspirational Monday, October 24th

Good Morning! Expecting the Best! Don’t allow your faith to lay dormant, but pick up and believe again. Every day you should expect something great will happen. However, we maybe expecting but our hearts are not right with God. Let’s learn to forgive quickly, let’s shake off any bitterness towards people, and let’s pray for those who has hurt us. A prayer that God will … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, October 24th

Inspirational Friday, October 21st

Good Morning! New mercy every morning. Grace that covers and loves you through those times you feel unwanted or shameful. You are amazing! You are beautiful! You are handsome! Realize that you are special in God eyes. When God looks at you He sees himself. A reflection in the mirror that He created in His image. No need to compare your success or failures to … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, October 21st

Inspirational Thursday, October 20th

Good Morning! Stop allowing people to define who you are in Christ. The first thing that comes to a person mind when someone is going through a hardship, “that person must have done something wrong”. They immediately think you did something wrong because you might have lost your job, home, children, parents, and friends. They don’t even have a clue what’s going on but their … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, October 20th

Inspirational Wednesday, October 19th

Good Morning! God expect us to live a Holy lifestyle and not a perfect life. A life where we know the difference of willful sin and those who sin daily but quick to repent. We all sin everyday and no one on this earth is perfect. We must know the difference because if you choose to sin and no its wrong that’s willful. Sin shouldn’t … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, October 19th

Inspirational Tuesday, October 18th

Good Morning! Everyone needs prayer. Let’s start praying for one another. Everyone needs a accountability partner. Someone who will check on them and vice versa. You never know what a person is going through on their job, with their children, in their marriage, or being the only woman in leadership at the job. Don’t just say a timid prayer for them but pray as if … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, October 18th