Inspirational Wednesday, November 30th

Good Morning! Forgiveness! We tend to forgive others but we forget to forgive ourselves. Let it go! Let go of your past and move forward. Many of you are stuck because have not forgiven yourself. I know it’s difficult because I been there. If you’re replaying the situation over and over again, you haven’t forgiven yourself. Let me share my story. I was laid off … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, November 30th

Inspirational Tuesday, November 29th

Good Morning Beautiful Ladies! Women’s Day! A word for the women. What happen to you? You used to be loving, kind, and gentle. What happen to you speaking sweet and kind words to others? You’re praying for a husband but your house is not in order. Yes, I used who I pleased for the kingdom of God but your attitude is noisome. You rebuked people … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, November 29th

Inspirational Monday, November 28th

Good Morning Beautiful People! You made it! Your eyes are open, limbs are working, good health, and your breathing. You should give God thanks. Thank you Lord, for my family and friends. Always give God thanks and not on specific Holidays. He is awesome and amazing everyday. Just tell God, thank you for waking me up this morning. He deserves the Glory. “Be thankful in … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, November 28th

Inspirational Wednesday, November 23rd

Good Morning Beautiful People of God! You are able, self-sufficient, confident, and bold to do whatever you desire according to the Will of God. Step into your destiny with boldness. You have several gifts that you need to explore. Why wait?? It’s not about proving what you can do for other people approval but it’s about being obedient to God. In the meantime, start writing, … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, November 23rd

Inspirational Tuesday, November 22nd

Good Morning! Are you being grateful or prideful? It doesn’t matter about the situation or trials you are facing. God is still in control over your life. I know it’s difficult. I know you’re tired of walking alone. I know there are days you want to give up. I completely understand your hurt and pain. Let’s focus on the other side because trials don’t last … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, November 22nd

Inspirational Thursday, November 17th

Good Morning! Sometimes it takes fasting and prayer to get the answers to whatever you have asked or need clarity in your life. If you are in the same state since years ago it’s time to seek answers from God. It might be as simple as changing a few things in your life. Obedience is key! It’s that simple. Either you going to obey God … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, November 17th

Inspirational Wednesday, November 16th

Good Morning Beautiful People! Seasons are changing, which means your environment will change too. People around you will change. Sometimes people are place in your life for a season and not a lifetime. It doesn’t mean neither party did anything wrong but it means they have completed their assignment with you. We try to hold on to those that God is trying to tell us … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, November 16th

Inspirational Tuesday, November 15th

Good Morning! Learn to endure patience even when the person is hostile towards you. It’s up to you how you will respond to their actions. While you’re driving and someone decides to cross in front of you instead of getting upset, you need to breathe. The moment you allow people to get you upset, that person or people have power over you. Why would you … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, November 15th