Inspirational Tuesday, January 31st

Good Morning Beautiful People! Take control of your health! Most of us feed our spirits with the Word of God, encouraging books, or movies but we tend not to take care of our physical body. Yes, we expect God to heal us but we have to do our part. In doing our part meaning eating healthy and exercising. Declaring healing over you or decree that … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, January 31st

Inspirational Monday, January 30th

Good Morning Beautiful People! Let’s get excited about change. When we hear the word, “change” fear tries to grip our heart. We don’t know what lies ahead but we know it’s for our good. We know it might require for us to walk along or it may require you to distance yourself from people. Whatever the Lord is telling you to do just do it. … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, January 30th

Inspirational Friday, January 27th

Good Morning Beautiful People! The door to lasciviousness is always opened at your flesh’s weakest point. For one person, the weak point may be food. For another, it may be pornography, fornication, cursing, anger, stealing, lying or any of a thousand other vices. Whatever your weak point is, that’s the place where lasciviousness is going to try to enter and dominate your life. That’s the … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, January 27th

Inspirational Wednesday, January 25th

Good Morning Beautiful People! Do you remember when you first met the guy/girl of your dreams? You were really excited about them. You made sure to be on your best behavior. You managed to keep up with their standards. Sometimes you two will be on the phone for hours until the other person fall asleep. You two talk about everything and nothing didn’t come between … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, January 25th

Inspirational Tuesday, January 24th

Good Morning Beautiful People! God will always make a way for you. No need to worry or stress. If you have a heart of change it will happen. Change starts within your soul. It’s start with the mind. You mind will dictate your life. Final and last time, let go of dysfunctional friendships/relationships. Allow God to bring people who will inspire and transform you into … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, January 24th

Inspirational Friday, January 20th

Good Morning Beautiful People. Take a step back and breath. I know it seem over whelming but it will be okay. During this time of disappointments/hurts you need to speak the Word of God over your life. You may need to get away and allow God to shower you will His love and affection. Life can be challenging at times. During your worship allow God … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, January 20th

Inspirational Thursday, January 19th

Good Morning Beautiful People! We need the fullness of God’s love. Instead of expecting others to deliver and love us we should already be full. Most times being empty can cause you to find love in anything and anyone. You ashamed to admit it because of your status. You crave for intimacy for the opposite sex but not with the Creator. You been dreaming of … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, January 19th

Inspirational Wednesday, January 18th

Good Morning Beautiful People! Most of you are unable to move forward because of rejections and insecurities. Whether you’re a man or woman, you have face rejection or insecurities in your life. God want to set you free of those spirits that are haunting you. I’m reading a book called, “Uninvited”. This statement is very true: “The mind feasts on what it focuses on. What … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, January 18th

Inspirational Tuesday, January 17th

Good Morning Beautiful People! The battle of the mind. Those negative thoughts will cause you to go insane. The agony of not able to control your thoughts will leave you isolated and alone. The mind will bring up your past hurts and rejections. If not careful, it will affect your present and even the future. The mind will affect your work ethics and relationships. Everyday … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, January 17th