Inspirational Tuesday, February 28th

Good Morning Sunshine! Many of you have been praying, fasting, and believing in secret of what God is about to do in your life and others too. God is about to manifest everything you been believing for in prayer. You about to see a suddenly take place in your life. The process is being accelerated into high gear. Continue as normal and rejoice in the … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, February 28th

Inspirational Monday, February 27th

Good Morning Sunshine! Quiet your spirit and relax in the Lord. Several things are happening in your life right now and you’re trying to figure out what to do next. First, you need to breathe, inhale and exhale about 5 minutes. Start praying and begin to rejoice in advance. When you cast your cares upon the Lord, leave it to Him. Don’t pick it back … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, February 27th

Happy Friday, February 24th

Happy Friday Everyone! Let’s learn to control your tongues even when you’re upset. Instead of hurting someone feeling be gentle with your words. If you need to scream just go outside or inside your car. Don’t ever say something that you will regret later. That’s a principle we need learn and teach others too. We may not always get it right but we will try … Continue reading Happy Friday, February 24th

Inspirational Thursday, February 23rd

Good Morning Praisers! During a storm we tend to worship more and cry out to God but we forget to praise Him. Praise is a dictation this situation will not last forever. Whatever the case maybe whether you believing for healing, family members being saved, spouse coming back to the Lord, or children being delivered. Even if it’s about you loving yourself and knocking walls … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, February 23rd

Inspirational Wednesday, February 22nd

Good Morning Eagles! Many of times we’re so busy we forget to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our body goes into starvation mode. We will eat anything to quinch our hunger. Even though, we know the food we eat is not healthy we’ll eat it anyway. Some of us are used to eating junk food because we never wanted to know how healthy food taste. … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, February 22nd

Inspirational Tuesday, February 21st

Good Morning Blessed Woman/Man of God! We think we need status or millions before we confess we’re blessed. The context of being blessed does not included having a status. There are several people who are millionaire and billionaires who are ill and have no peace. Some may consider they’re blessed but that’s what the world dictate. The Lord called you blessed because you are the … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, February 21st

Inspirational Friday, February 17th

Good Morning Beautiful/Handsome. Learn to love every part of you. Some women always compare their bodies, limbs, face, eyes, and mostly height. Most men compare themselves with other guys regarding hair, bodies, teeth and mostly height too. It’s depressing and sad that you don’t love the way God made you. He created you in His image. Everyone is special in God eyes. Why compare? If … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, February 17th

Inspirational Thursday, February 16th

Good Morning Mighty Ones! Don’t make your blessing an idol. It will happen in due time. Stop worrying how, when, or what just believe God. You have to move forward in doing your daily duties and while you’re taking care of God business He will be taking care of your business. I know you’re overwhelm/breathtaking of what God told you but it’s best to be … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, February 16th

Inspirational Wednesday, February 15th

Good Morning Overcomer! Stop allowing your emotions to get you into depression/bitterness. Your life is topsy-turvy because you allow your emotions to control you. Instead of you casting down those thoughts you consume them into reality. You believe lies and you begin to speak negative over yourself. Always speaking, “I’m going to be alone or nobody will want me.” Keep speaking those negative thoughts and … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, February 15th