Inspirational Friday, March 31st

Good Morning Prayer Warriors! Normally if one spouse feels discouraged the other will encourage the other one. That’s not always the case. Your spouse might not know how to encourage you and it’s difficult when you have to encourage yourself. No need of arguing with your spouse. You need to cast the enemy out of your house. Marriages everywhere are being attacked and we all … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, March 31st

Inspirational Thursday, March 30th

Good Morning Sunshine! In life we will get offended but we need to know how to handle the offense. Most times anger arise and we want to get that person back for hurting us or we choose to stay away from that person. We tend to allow bitterness and resentment to settle within us. Offense comes in many ways. It can be a question, statement, … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, March 30th

Inspirational Wednesday, March 29th

Good Morning Praisers! You should celebrate with your sister or brother in Christ. You been praying for a promotion and your close friend got the job instead of you. I need you to rejoice with her or him. The Lord is monitoring your attitude. Delays are not always cause by people speaking negative over us but our own attitude towards someone else blessings. You been … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, March 29th

Inspirational Tuesday, March 28th

Good Morning Sunshine! Our focus needs to shift back to our purpose and destiny. We allow distractions to derail us in the opposite direction. It’s easy to get off course but it’s difficult to get back on course. Some may have lost their momentum in how to get back into fellowship with the Lord. Discouragement tends to separate us from the Lord. Many times we … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, March 28th

Inspirational Monday, March 27th

Good Morning Blessed Woman/Man! Effective communication is the key. People are not mind readers. You should be able to express how you feel in any given situation. Why try to impress people with a false hood of who you are in life. Who are you trying to impress with lies. Are you shame of who you are in life? If you have to impress people … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, March 27th

Inspirational Friday, March 24th

Good Morning Sunshine! When you’re discourage it can cause depression. It will cause you not to seek God. It will cause you to lose faith and give it. That’s why you need to encourage yourself daily. This is a good time to encourage others while you’re going through too. We will always have storms but it shouldn’t take us under. Learn to be sunshine during … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, March 24th

Special Message for married couples, March 23rd

Good Morning! Special message for married couples. Intimacy is a special union that was ordained by the Lord. The Lord created that union for two people to come together, cherish one another, respect, love, and gentle towards each other. Many times marriages suffer hardship is because one or both parties heart is harden. We tend to used sexual intimacy as a weapon. If the other … Continue reading Special Message for married couples, March 23rd

Inspirational Wednesday, March 22nd

Good Morning Overcomers! You shall overcome sickness, heartache, laziness, confusion, loniness,fear, gluttony,lust,bitterness,hate,malice,struggling, and etc. One day at a time you begin to speak the Word of God over yourself concerning the situation. Focus on today issues and victories. Don’t allow Satan tactics to keep you in bondage. Sometimes it seem as you have tried over and over again but see no results. When Satan is … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, March 22nd

Inspirational Tuesday, March 21st

Good Morning Sunshine! When we correct people we tend to judge them too. You can’t judge someone if your life is not in order. The key to Holy living is praying for one another instead of gossiping about them. We need to always demonstrate the love of Christ. Even during the fiery trials we encounter. Victory belongs to Jesus! He gets the glory when we … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, March 21st

Inspirational Monday, March 20th

Good Morning Blessed Children of God. Being humble is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of having a heart that is open to received love even if it’s not being reciprocate. Its a sign that you fear the Lord. Sometimes you have to give up the right to be right. Being right don’t always solve the problems. Most of the time being quiet … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, March 20th