Inspirational Tuesday, March 21st

Good Morning Sunshine!

When we correct people we tend to judge them too. You can’t judge someone if your life is not in order. The key to Holy living is praying for one another instead of gossiping about them. We need to always demonstrate the love of Christ. Even during the fiery trials we encounter. Victory belongs to Jesus! He gets the glory when we walk in alignment with Him. When we can speak, live, and talk like the Lord we have become one with the father. It’s not always a easy task that’s why it’s imperative you speak the Word over your life. Your spouse will turn around when they see the love of God flow through your heart. Change start with you.

“Do not judge and criticize and condemn [others unfairly with an attitude of self-righteous superiority as though assuming the office of a judge], so that you will not be judged [unfairly]. For just as you [hypocritically] judge others [when you are sinful and unrepentant], so will you be judged; and in accordance with your standard of measure [used to pass out judgment], judgment will be measured to you. Why do you look at the [insignificant] speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice and acknowledge the [egregious] log that is in your own eye?” Matthew 7:1-3 AMP


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