Inspirational Friday, March 17th

Good Morning Sunshine! Rejoice in the Lord! Rejoice for all God has done for you. Being grateful for what He is doing and about to do in your life. Simply blessings are always the best blessings because you wasn’t expecting the Lord to do it right away or that He even notice it. God notice everything about you. He knows that amount of strands on … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, March 17th

Inspirational Thursday, March 16th

Good Morning Mighty Warriors of God! Are you having a bad morning? You need to start commanding your morning. You need to get up early enough to worship and pray before you start your day. You have the authority to change and bind everything that’s unlike Christ to happen to you during the day. You need to renounce all negative and idle words spoken over … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, March 16th

Inspirational Wednesday, March 15th

Good Morning Blessed Woman/Man of God. Your faith can move mountains but you have to endured and wait patiently. You will experience a breakthrough but your words may cause a delay. The Lord heard your prayers and He answered it according to His will but when you start speaking doubt a delay happens. Sometimes we want it right now and not a minute late but … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, March 15th

Inspirational Tuesday, March 14th

Good Morning Awesome People of God! When God created you He didn’t make s mistake. You wasn’t an accident or a surprise. Even if you were conceived from Adultery relationship or rape doesn’t mean you were an accident. God had a plan for you even before you were born. Your parents gave you up for adoption doesn’t mean you’re not special. You are a blessed … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, March 14th

Inspirational Monday, March 13th

Good Morning Overcomers! Whether you’re married or not I need you to breathe. I need you to relax and calm your nervous. I need to you to stop replaying that situation over and over again in your mind. I need you to give it to God. Once you give it to Him don’t pick it back up again. Let the Lord handle your situation. Let … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, March 13th

Inspirational Friday, March 10th

Good Morning Faith Believers! You have to speak those things that are not as though they were! When your children are rebellious/disobedience you need to speak they are obedient/respectful. Speak life over your spouse. Speak life into your marriage, relationship, and friendships. Speak life regarding your career or promotion. Speak life over yourself! It doesn’t matter where you are in life your words have power. … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, March 10th

Inspirational Thursday, March 9th

Good Morning Anointed Ones! Do you have faith to believe the impossible? Can you believe/trust the Lord he will do it If you don’t doubt in your heart? That house cost $425k and your prayer change the amount to $280k. The doctor said, “you have HIV, AIDS, CANCER, but the Lord gives you specific instructions what to do to get healed or he will preform … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, March 9th

Inspirational Wednesday, March 8th

Good Morning Beautiful/Handsome! It’s always good to get away and enjoy yourself. We tend to work so much not getting enough rest. We can find peace when we don’t answer cell phone calls, checking emails or text messages all the time. Create your atmosphere with peace and take one day at a time. Stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Stop rushing to work or … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, March 8th

Welcome March!!

Good Morning Sunshine! Welcome March 1st Throught it all you have the victory! There are days were you might get frustrated or stress and you want to quit. You thought the enemy was going to allow you to walk into your blessing without throwing fiery darts at you. He trying to get you distracted and second guess yourself. You already know what the Lord told … Continue reading Welcome March!!