Fabulous Friday, April 28th

Good Morning Blessed People!! Your best days are ahead of you!! You haven’t seen nothing yet! You are at the right time for blessings and miracles to manifest. Don’t give up yet! Tears of sorrow will be tears of joy. Your faith and trust in God has delivered your breakthrough!! Dance and praise around your situation. Victory belongs to Jesus!!! “Victory belongs to the LORD! … Continue reading Fabulous Friday, April 28th

Quiet time Thursday, April 27th

Good Morning Sunshine! Quiet your spirit and listen to the Holy Spirit. I know it been rough/challenging but you need rest now. You need to be restore with peace. Greater is coming your way. Your best days are ahead of you. Sometimes we give all we have and the Lord need to pour into us during worship. That’s how you get filled with more strength … Continue reading Quiet time Thursday, April 27th

Inspirational and Awesome Wednesday, April 26th

Good Morning Twinkies! It’s my Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me and those who are born in April!!! April Baby!!! I’m celebrating my day!! I get a chance to enjoy myself. I am my “own” best company. I don’t wait for people to celebrate me but I decided how I want to enjoy my day. No chaos, drama, or confusion. It took me a while to … Continue reading Inspirational and Awesome Wednesday, April 26th

Inspiration Tuesday, April 25th

Good Morning Sunshine! Stop caring so much!! You care more about the person or situation than the Lord. You give that person or the situation more attention than the Lord. Some people will never love the way you love. Your spouse will never love you the way you love them. You need tough skin to stand against those who speak harshly words towards you. You … Continue reading Inspiration Tuesday, April 25th

Inspirational Monday, April17th

Good Morning Believers! Be mindful that the blood of Jesus can protect and heal you. It’s our duty as “Believer” to cover ourselves, family, friends, and everything we posses and own by the blood of Jesus. When we saturate the blood of Jesus death has to pass over us. The Blood of Jesus have power. Years ago I was in a car accident with my … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, April17th

Inspirational Friday, April 14th

Good Morning Sunshine! Rise above your circumstances! Peace is your safe haven and joy is your strength. The moment you let go everything will start to fall in place. Letting go of your Will and allowing God’s Will to take over would be best for you. Trust the process the Lord is doing in your life. It’s far better than what you had plan. Praise … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, April 14th

Inspirational Thursday, April 13th

Happy Friend’s Day!!! We all go through life walking/passing a person that might need encouragement to make it throughout the day. Each day is a blessing from the Lord. Instead of focusing on your affairs let’s focus on someone else and give them an encourgement word. Change your frown into a smile. Shake off frustration and replace with concentration for what lives ahead. Your smile … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, April 13th

Inspirational Wednesday, April 12th

Happy Wednesday!!! Decided today to move forward without fear. If you want a certain career or goal go after it. Learn not to share your dreams with everyone. Some people are consider as ” dream killers”. They will talk you out of what God told you about yourself and the vision which was given to you by Him. You need supporters to enhance your thinking/mindset. … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, April 12th

Inspirational Tuesday, April 11th

Good Morning Sunshine! The Lord is always with you. Sometimes it feels like He has abandoned you but that’s not true. He is listening to every word you speak. He sees you even when no one else recognize you. Who can compare themselves like the Lord? No one, because He is the same, yesterday, today,and forever more. No need to worry your mind with all … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, April 11th

Inspirational Monday, April 10th

Good Morning Believers! People have a tendency to panicked or react harshly due to lack of trust in the Lord. Most of the time it’s about them and not about the Lord. Most people don’t like to take advice if you don’t have a status or in their entourage. Being flustered because it didn’t go your way demonstrate people character. Most of you are leaders … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, April 10th