Happy Wednesday!! May 31st

Happy Wednesday!! Life lesson will make you better or bitter. Life have a way to change your mindset concerning situations. This is a great time to demonstrate love and affection to those in need. Don’t take life for granted but cherish every moment of it. Spend time talking and praying with one another. There are people who need you and it’s time you reach out … Continue reading Happy Wednesday!! May 31st

Moving forward Thursday, May 25th

Good Morning Sunshine! Keep moving forward!! This is your season of blessings. The enemy will try his best to stop you but don’t quit. Distractions are around you but ignore them. People want to hurt you give them to the Lord and keep moving. Your destiny is on the line. As long as you are willing the promises will manifest. Everything you been praying and … Continue reading Moving forward Thursday, May 25th

Humble Wednesday, May 24th

Good Morning Sunshine! Do you feel like you’re not making progress or change? Could it be your attitude? How do you respond to challenges/trials? Are you easily offended by others? How do you handle constructive criticism? Challenges and trials can make you bitter or better. Your attitude reflects if you trust God or not. Also, it can determine if you’re prideful or humble? It’s time … Continue reading Humble Wednesday, May 24th

Happy Monday, May 22nd

Happy Monday!! Praise the Lord!!! Praise Him during the good and bad times. Praise the Lord who woke you up this morning. When we praise the Lord Jesus Christ something happens in the spirit and within us. Joy starts to flow from within us. You may felt like crying but after you finish praises Him you feel like dancing/shouting for joy. Praises change the atmosphere. … Continue reading Happy Monday, May 22nd

Happy Friday, May 19th

Happy Friday!! Let go and let God!! Sometimes you have to let people go and start doing you. You are responsible for yourself not others. Stop being frustrated about what another person is doing because you can’t change them. Enjoy your life without the chaos and drama. Stay focus on your destiny/purpose. Distractions will come don’t entertain it. This year is about “You”. Stay the … Continue reading Happy Friday, May 19th

Trusting Thursday, May 18th

Good Morning Blessed People of God!!! There is peace when you say, yes! Yes Lord!! Surrender your Will and grasp to the Will of God for your life. Saying yes, means I’m trusting you God whatever happen you know what’s best for me. I may have to end lifetime friendships/relationships. You may have to walk this journey along but be willing to follow the Lord … Continue reading Trusting Thursday, May 18th

Wonderful Wednesday, May 17th

Good Morning Sunshine! How do you handle difficult situations? Do you try to repay evil with evil? What about demonstrating kindness, even though it wasn’t presented to you? How is your attitude? Are you still bitter from a former relationship? Are you trusting God or doing it your way? Do you believe God can handle your situation? Let’s check the heart and find out why … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday, May 17th

Thankful Tuesday, May 16th

Good Morning Beautiful/Handsome people of God!! It’s always polite to say, thank you to those who encourage you along your journey. I would like to say, Thank you for everyone who have supported me throughout the years. I really appreciate you all so much. I thank you for the encouraging words and kind gestures. I pour out to so many people and I forget to … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday, May 16th

Awesome Monday, May 15th

Good Morning Sunshine! Another day to get it right. Another day to smile and thank God. Another day to tell people you loved them. Another day to fulfilled your destiny. Another day for you to make amends with your spouse. Another day to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. Another day to rest. Another day to change for the best. Another day just for you. Don’t … Continue reading Awesome Monday, May 15th