Confess Wednesday, June 28th

Good Morning Beloved! When you hide your sin it’s impossible for those to pray for you. Its like telling someone you’re trying to loose weight but you hide snacks around in your home. Instead of you saying, I have a problem please pray for me you go about thinking everything will be fine because no one knows what you’re doing. You’re highly mistaken because the … Continue reading Confess Wednesday, June 28th

Good Enough Tuesday, June 27th

Good Morning Sunshine! Sometimes in life we tend to compare ourselves to others. We compare our marriages, our husbands, our children, and ourselves to another person. If you’re not careful, jealousy will enter into your heart. You’ll find yourself wanting to be that person or you’ll despise that person. Stop comparing yourself to another and know that you’re good enough, you’re sweet enough, and you’re … Continue reading Good Enough Tuesday, June 27th

Wonderful Wednesday, June 21st

Good Morning Faithfilled People of God! Many times people who haven’t experienced the overflow of God will speak doubt into your situation. It’s not that they don’t want to see you blessed, they have just never experienced it for themselves from the Lord. That’s why you should always guard what the Lord tells you. If they have limits on God, teach them how to take … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday, June 21st

Happy Friday!! June 16th

Happy Friday! Pay close attention to the training you’re currently receiving for the next season. You’re about to embark into new territory. You will gain clarity on what to do next as you spend time with the Lord. Many are unaware but before or after a breakthrough, warfare may be needed during the test. Many will learn how to intercede for others. As you obey … Continue reading Happy Friday!! June 16th