Check your Heart Friday, July 28

Good Morning Beloved! Many times we try to convince ourselves that we are whole in Christ but truth be told, we’re not. Many people believe if they serve or start a ministry, the Lord will change their heart. Many people today walk around quoting scriptures and their heart is wicked. Anyone can quote the bible, just as Satan knew the bible too. Some who proclaim … Continue reading Check your Heart Friday, July 28

Cleanse my Heart Thursday, July 27th

Good Morning Beloved! Being single is not a curse. Most singles have their own agenda of what age they’re getting married, how long before they have kids, and how they will live happily ever after. Sounds like a fairy tail because when the Lord is directing your life, He doesn’t have limits or restrictions. He doesn’t look at age to determine when it’s time but … Continue reading Cleanse my Heart Thursday, July 27th

Helpful Wednesday, July 26th

Good Morning Beloved! Being married can be joyful, sad, exciting, depressing, or even frustrating. It can cause you to question yourself, “did I marry the right person?”. Being married can bring rejection, loneliness, and abandonment from your spouse. It cause you to question if your spouse truly love you. It’s really sad and heart breaking when you’re newlyweds and there is no romance or passion … Continue reading Helpful Wednesday, July 26th

Faith Filled Tuesday, July 25th

Good Morning Beloved! Fear has the power to stop you from fulfilling your destiny. Fear can captivate your heart and leave you helpless. Fear can have you feeling jealous of others because they are willing to do what you won’t. Fear can eliminate your prayer life. It can cause you not to have faith or believe in God’s promises. Fear can also cause anxiety and … Continue reading Faith Filled Tuesday, July 25th

Happy Friday, July 21st

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday! Being patient is a virtue and you must learn to wait. Sometimes in life we think we have mastered or overcame certain obstacles but truth be told, you will always have to fight in this life. You will always have to pray and use warfare when needed. The journey that you’re traveling will teach you everything pertaining to life, including … Continue reading Happy Friday, July 21st

Happy Tuesday, July 18th

Good Morning Beloved! You have reached maturity when statements or comments no longer illicit a response from you. What used to upset you does not anymore and instead, you try to understand that person’s concerns. You are no longer stressed or frustrated about people. People may not understand why you’re quiet or smile when sarcastic comments are thrown at you, but you know that being … Continue reading Happy Tuesday, July 18th

Transformation Thursday, July 13th

Good Morning Beloved! Some addictions are out of your control in life. You have tried everything to align your life back on course, but remain unsuccessful. You tried to manage people or help them back on course but you’re not getting any results. You have prayed, fasted, and ministered to people but unsuccessful. It could be that you’re trying to master all of this out … Continue reading Transformation Thursday, July 13th

Happy Wednesday, July 12th

Good Morning Beloved! Many of you will experience a mass of blessing within the next few days. What would have taken months or years will take days to manifest. You are about to experience unprecedented favor with man and God. The day you started to filled your tank with faith, the Lord opened several doors for you to enter. Several of you are dragging unbelief … Continue reading Happy Wednesday, July 12th