Happy Friday!! July 14th

Good Morning Beloved!

We all tend to have our lives mapped out on what we’re planning to do in the next year to 10 years but most likely, that’s not the Lord’s will for us. Planning your agenda and telling the Lord what you want to do is like telling the Lord, “I got this and I don’t need you”. When we think we don’t need the Lord, it’s called “pride”. You need the Lord every time you make a move or create an agenda for yourself. The key to trusting the Lord is listening. Are you listening to Him? When you asked the Lord a question and He was silent, that is not an answer. He didn’t say yes or no but you assume His silence meant yes. If you will allow Him to answer you before you assume some decision, you wouldn’t cause any disappointments. We all need to get the clutter out of our minds and pray, worship, and listen to the voice of the Lord. He’s speaking, you’re just not listening. Spend quiet time with the Lord so you can hear Him.



“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 ESV




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