Healing Monday, August 14th

Good morning Beloved!

I’m talking to those who are hurt and deeply wounded from a broken heart. I’m talking to those who carries so much baggage with them that you are hurting the people that God have sent in your life whether they were friendships or relationships. God did not send those people in your life so you can hurt them because of the hurts you endure within your past. God send those people in your life to show you that there are people that genuine truly love you for you. But you’re so broken and blind that you can’t even see the blessings of those who love you and you’re chasing them away. You refused to open up to people so they can see what’s going on with you because of fear. Release the baggage that is holding you down. It’s not the people but you refuse to look in the mirror and say, I need some help Lord. Help me Lord deliver me of my past hurts, failures, and fears. Let go of your past hurts because you are crushing the people who God have placed in your life to love you unconditionally. God loves you so much that he don’t want you to keep hurting His daughter or His son. When are you going to open up to others and confess your hurts? Until you go to the Lord and asked Him to heal your broken heart you will forever be broken and every relationship and friendship that you entered hurt and pain will be the foundation; eventually they will walk away. it’s time that you come to the lord and be honest with youitself. It’s time for you to stand in front of that mirror and tell yourself, I’m a broken individual and I need healing. Allow the Lord to heal and mend your broken heart.



“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 NIV



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