Emotional Monday, October 2nd

Good Morning Beloved! Don’t allow your emotions override what the Lord told you. You can be at a brink of a breakthrough but you allow your emotions to take you a step back. Shake off those emotions and remember what the Lord told you because breakthrough is near. Your emotions should not dictate your life. Sometimes in life we all feel unloved or unwanted by … Continue reading Emotional Monday, October 2nd

Enjoy your Life Wednesday, September 27th

Good Morning Beloved! You can’t make a person love, appreciate, or respect you. Stop forcing people to care about you. Stop demanding their time if they are unwilling. You’re only causing more hurt to yourself. People make time for what they want and if they choose not to spend their time with you then move on. Free yourself from those toxic friendships/relationships. Those who are … Continue reading Enjoy your Life Wednesday, September 27th

Directions Tuesday, September 26th

Good Morning Beloved! Sometimes in life we all need guidance and directions. We all need to know “what’s next”? What’s you’re next career move? You been at this company for years and now it’s time for a change. Do you really want to work long hours at work for the rest of your life? It’s time you find your passion and purpose. No more feeling … Continue reading Directions Tuesday, September 26th

Smiley Friday, September 22nd

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday!! You made it!!! Don’t ever feel like you have to defend yourself when someone brings up your past. Everyone has a past. If you’ve been delivered and set free the enemy will used your spouse, friends, family members, and colleagues to bring up your past. The enemy wants to distract you because it’s almost over. People speak about another person … Continue reading Smiley Friday, September 22nd

Double Thursday, September 21st

Good Morning Beloved! Some of you are experiencing double anointing, restoration, healing, and power during the storm. When you thought it couldn’t get any better or worst but the Lord imparted His spirit within you. You feel more powerful and able to fight again. You feel the Holy Spirit residing within you every time you warfare. You’re no longer tired or feel helpless but powerful. … Continue reading Double Thursday, September 21st

Push through Monday, September 18th

Good Morning Beloved! Storms doesn’t last forever. It seem like a lifetime when you’re going through because you can’t see a way out. Sometimes you’re not sure if the Lord is with you and you tend to get frustrated. You have to walk by faith and know the Lord is with you. I know It’s difficult because I been there several times myself. Questioning His … Continue reading Push through Monday, September 18th

Men’s Day Friday, September 15th

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday People!! Men, it’s time you take a stand and become leaders in your home. Men, learn how to be patient with your wife or girlfriend. Listen to their concerns and resolved the issues. Men, stop having affairs and lying to your spouses. When a woman is fed up, she might leave you. Men, learn how to apologize to women and … Continue reading Men’s Day Friday, September 15th

Pursue your Dreams Thursday, September 14th

Good Morning Beloved!! Ladies, stop chasing after these men. You always find yourself hurt and betrayed by these guys. If you will chase after your purpose and destiny like you do these guys most of you would already been successful with your businesses. Women stop trying to control your husbands. If he want to hang out with his ex’s or call them let him do … Continue reading Pursue your Dreams Thursday, September 14th

Breathe Wednesday, September 13th

Good Morning Beloved! Breathe…… Breathe….. It’s okay to weep but get back up and breathe. It’s good to let go and allow the Lord to handle the situation. You are so precious to the Lord and He loves you so much. You may feel emotional but those are false feeling. The enemy wants you to feel depress and sad. He wants you to feel like … Continue reading Breathe Wednesday, September 13th