Happy Friday, September 8th

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday!! It’s time for you to live for yourself! It’s time you focus on yourself. You’re always doing for others and now it’s time you enjoy yourself. It’s time for you to get out and socialize and network. It’s time for you to laugh and love again. You cannot control what others do or say. Letting go sometimes mean being vulnerable … Continue reading Happy Friday, September 8th

Focus Thursday, September 7th

Good Morning Beloved! Stop trying to control the situation and let go. Letting go of a situation is saying, Lord, I trust you to fixed it. I’m moving on with my life and not worrying about it. Its amazing when our focus is not in the problem or our breakthrough everything start to happen for our good. Allow the Lord to redirect into your purpose … Continue reading Focus Thursday, September 7th

Encourage yourself Friday, September 1st

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday!! Most of the time you have to encourage yourself! It seems as if life is moving without you. You start to look at everyone else life and realize something is missing from your life. Many of you a lightbulb came on and you realize working for someone is not God’s original plan for your life. Some is struggling with time … Continue reading Encourage yourself Friday, September 1st

Thankful Thursday, August 31st

Good Morning Beloved! Let’s start our day by being thankful and grateful. Instead of always asking the Lord concerning our lives lets turn the focus on others. Let’s start praying or continue to pray for those around us and those who are in need. We need to pray for those who has lost their faith in Christ and decree that the Lord will take the … Continue reading Thankful Thursday, August 31st

Happy Friday, August 25th

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday!! As we embark into a new season lets start but forgiving ourselves first. Let go of all the mistakes you made in the past. Letting go of past hurts and failures. It’s time to cast down those negatives thoughts and dreams during this season. This season will allow you to change your mindset and think of your future. A time … Continue reading Happy Friday, August 25th

Mind your business Wednesday, August 23rd

Good Morning Beloved! Sometimes having a peace of mind is letting people go. People and family will cause you to become stressful over their situation. You’re trying to fight for someone else while they are enjoying peace and you’re the only one upset. You’re in everybody else’s business but need to mind your own business. Stop worrying about another woman’s husband that’s not your husband … Continue reading Mind your business Wednesday, August 23rd

Salvation Tuesday, August 22nd

Good Morning Beloved! Have you ever imagined Judgement Day? If you were to die tonight, would heaven be your home? Many would say yes, based off their good deeds towards others and another percentage would say yes, because they attended church services regularly. Confessing God as your Lord and Savior and establishing a relationship with the Lord will guarantee a seat in heaven but what … Continue reading Salvation Tuesday, August 22nd

Stress free Friday, August 18th

Good Morning Beloved! Happy Friday!! Stop wasting your time of worrying and know this is only temporary. Fill your time with things or people that matter to you. Put on your happy face and live for yourself. Always take care of others who are taking care of you. Soon you will dance and praise the Lord for the breakthrough. This is a season of trusting … Continue reading Stress free Friday, August 18th

Sinless Wednesday, August 16th

Good Morning Beloved! In life many are discreet about their lives. Some will plant a seed within others as if their lives are “pictures perfect”. They pretend all is well because deep within they don’t want to let go of their “sins”. They love it because they been doing secretly activities without anyone knowing or seeing them. However, they forgot that El Roi is the … Continue reading Sinless Wednesday, August 16th

Healing Monday, August 14th

Good morning Beloved! I’m talking to those who are hurt and deeply wounded from a broken heart. I’m talking to those who carries so much baggage with them that you are hurting the people that God have sent in your life whether they were friendships or relationships. God did not send those people in your life so you can hurt them because of the hurts … Continue reading Healing Monday, August 14th