Sinless Wednesday, August 16th

Good Morning Beloved! In life many are discreet about their lives. Some will plant a seed within others as if their lives are “pictures perfect”. They pretend all is well because deep within they don’t want to let go of their “sins”. They love it because they been doing secretly activities without anyone knowing or seeing them. However, they forgot that El Roi is the … Continue reading Sinless Wednesday, August 16th

Wonderful Wednesday, July 5th

Good Morning Beloved! Some of you are experiencing heart aches because you though what was going to happen didn’t happen. It’s seems as if you have tired but you failed or you sense that’s failure. You been longing for the blessings and it seems every time someone says, breakthrough it’s about you. Not true. Everyone has different seasons and this may not be your season. … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday, July 5th

Inspirational Monday, March 27th

Good Morning Blessed Woman/Man! Effective communication is the key. People are not mind readers. You should be able to express how you feel in any given situation. Why try to impress people with a false hood of who you are in life. Who are you trying to impress with lies. Are you shame of who you are in life? If you have to impress people … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, March 27th

Inspirational Tuesday, March 21st

Good Morning Sunshine! When we correct people we tend to judge them too. You can’t judge someone if your life is not in order. The key to Holy living is praying for one another instead of gossiping about them. We need to always demonstrate the love of Christ. Even during the fiery trials we encounter. Victory belongs to Jesus! He gets the glory when we … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, March 21st

Inspirational Monday, March 20th

Good Morning Blessed Children of God. Being humble is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of having a heart that is open to received love even if it’s not being reciprocate. Its a sign that you fear the Lord. Sometimes you have to give up the right to be right. Being right don’t always solve the problems. Most of the time being quiet … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, March 20th

Inspirational Friday, March 10th

Good Morning Faith Believers! You have to speak those things that are not as though they were! When your children are rebellious/disobedience you need to speak they are obedient/respectful. Speak life over your spouse. Speak life into your marriage, relationship, and friendships. Speak life regarding your career or promotion. Speak life over yourself! It doesn’t matter where you are in life your words have power. … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, March 10th

Inspirational Thursday, March 9th

Good Morning Anointed Ones! Do you have faith to believe the impossible? Can you believe/trust the Lord he will do it If you don’t doubt in your heart? That house cost $425k and your prayer change the amount to $280k. The doctor said, “you have HIV, AIDS, CANCER, but the Lord gives you specific instructions what to do to get healed or he will preform … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, March 9th

Inspirational Wednesday, March 8th

Good Morning Beautiful/Handsome! It’s always good to get away and enjoy yourself. We tend to work so much not getting enough rest. We can find peace when we don’t answer cell phone calls, checking emails or text messages all the time. Create your atmosphere with peace and take one day at a time. Stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Stop rushing to work or … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, March 8th