Welcome March!!

Good Morning Sunshine! Welcome March 1st Throught it all you have the victory! There are days were you might get frustrated or stress and you want to quit. You thought the enemy was going to allow you to walk into your blessing without throwing fiery darts at you. He trying to get you distracted and second guess yourself. You already know what the Lord told … Continue reading Welcome March!!

Inspirational Tuesday, February 28th

Good Morning Sunshine! Many of you have been praying, fasting, and believing in secret of what God is about to do in your life and others too. God is about to manifest everything you been believing for in prayer. You about to see a suddenly take place in your life. The process is being accelerated into high gear. Continue as normal and rejoice in the … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday, February 28th

Inspirational Monday, February 27th

Good Morning Sunshine! Quiet your spirit and relax in the Lord. Several things are happening in your life right now and you’re trying to figure out what to do next. First, you need to breathe, inhale and exhale about 5 minutes. Start praying and begin to rejoice in advance. When you cast your cares upon the Lord, leave it to Him. Don’t pick it back … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, February 27th

Inspirational Thursday, February 16th

Good Morning Mighty Ones! Don’t make your blessing an idol. It will happen in due time. Stop worrying how, when, or what just believe God. You have to move forward in doing your daily duties and while you’re taking care of God business He will be taking care of your business. I know you’re overwhelm/breathtaking of what God told you but it’s best to be … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, February 16th

Inspirational Saturday, February 4th

Good Morning Peacemakers! Stop worrying about your relationship/marriage and give it to God. You cannot control what a person does in private. Stop checking his/her phone. Stop trying to find out if he/she is having an affair. Stop trying to find out who is calling him/her. It’s not worth it. Mentality it’s draining you and it’s causing you to have anxiety attacks. If you will”love” … Continue reading Inspirational Saturday, February 4th

Inspirational Friday, December 23rd

Good Morning and Merry Christmas! This year have been difficult for some and others a blessed year. Everyone goes through a seasons of hardship. As we approach the end of the year let’s get excited about next year. First, let go of the past and move forward. As if you were doing spring cleaning, let’s cleanse our mind and thoughts of negatively. Let’s do spiritual … Continue reading Inspirational Friday, December 23rd

Inspirational Thursday, December 22nd

Good Morning Beautiful People! Happy Holidays to you all. Most of you will endure the holidays without a loved one. I encourage you to surround yourself with those that love you. People consider family being their blood but Christ consider family those who have received Him as their Lord and savior. Sometimes family will not be there for you. That’s why it’s good to have … Continue reading Inspirational Thursday, December 22nd

Inspirational Wednesday, November 16th

Good Morning Beautiful People! Seasons are changing, which means your environment will change too. People around you will change. Sometimes people are place in your life for a season and not a lifetime. It doesn’t mean neither party did anything wrong but it means they have completed their assignment with you. We try to hold on to those that God is trying to tell us … Continue reading Inspirational Wednesday, November 16th

Inspirational Monday, November 14th

Good Morning! Let’s make this day a great one! Let’s not continue to listen or start a conversation with rage, hate, and bitterness due to the election. If you will keep your mind/ eyes on the Lord, He will give you perfect peace. In spite of all the chaos, God is still in the blessing business. Stop trying to figure out what will happen next. … Continue reading Inspirational Monday, November 14th